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Guess who’s featured in July’s Australian Mining Review

Guess who’s featured on page 49 of July’s Australian Mining Review? As long-term readers of the magazine, we are thrilled to have ourselves displayed so prominently! The article talks about our history and lists some of our many strengths including our expertise in a range of fields and proven track record of delivering quality results. It also mentions our status as mining industry specialists and how we have built up many strong relationships in the sector. Briken Group can help with scheduled maintenance and repairs on mine sites and we have experience working with all types of mining equipment and vehicles. Other services include:

• Equipment mine compliance upgrades

• MDG 15 upgrades

• Emergency and scheduled pump repairs

• Pump installation

We also operate a Mt Arthur coal authorized inspection station.  The Australian Mining Review is published monthly (print and digital) and covers all the latest mining news and important stories that affect the industry. Reaching more than 30,000 subscribers every month, the Australian Mining review is an invaluable resource for the resources sector.  Packed with breaking news, interviews, commentary and analysis as well as company profiles, project updates and technology and product reviews, The Australian Mining Review is read by everyone from employers to contractors. Subscribe to the digital edition or you can sign up for the hardcopy edition online.  Get in touch with us for a full consultation and learn more about our client-focused approach.

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